Tornado southwest of McLean TX – 5/16/2017

5/16/2017 – Tornado southwest of McLean TX, by Matt Salo.
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Chase near Caddo OK / Tornado warned storm – 4/21/2017

Storm chase in southeast Oklahoma on a tornado warned cell near Caddo, OK on 4/21/2017. Storm produced a few funnels, but no confirmed touchdowns.

2016!!! Ready to get the season started!

Another winter is winding down. It will soon be time for chase season to begin for 2016. Though some have already had some chases this year, being in the upper tends to limit the chase range. Dixie Alley (AL, MS, TN, AR) is a long haul. The TwisterGeeks chase range continues to be primarily focused on the mid-west, particularly the upper mid-west.

The chase areas for this year are indicated on the map below. TwisterGeeks could be on the road chasing as early as mid-march. Stay tuned!


Large EF-4 wedge near Rochelle IL – 4/9/2015

Large wedge tornado near Rochelle IL on April 9th, 2015. This tornado started near Franklin Grove, IL, and ended north of Kirkland IL south of Belvidere IL. This tornado was given a preliminary rating of EF4 with winds estimated at up to 200mph!
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The 2015 Season Begins! Our first chases upcoming…

The 2015 chase season has begun. We will be out chasing this coming week. Heading out of Minneapolis Tuesday afternoon (4/7), to Kansas City for the night, then pick up Wednesday morning and head towards the target area likely somewhere in Kansas or Oklahoma. From there, we wait for storms to initiate, then the chase is on. It will be a multi-day chase across the plains.

We will be live streaming on Severe Studios. You can check the tracker link on the top menu of this page for access to our live tracker, and link to the live stream.

So long winter!

2014 Mid-Season Update

It’s been a mediocre season at best. Unfortunate timing and work conflicts has led to missing some great storms, while ending up with HP monsters on our chase days. Just over 6000 chase miles in since May 8th, 2014. Once again, the overall tornado count is low so far this year, though not quite as low as 2013. We’ll see how the season finishes out.

The truck is due for some work soon (Tires, Breaks, Battery, etc..) which will likely limit the chases for the time being, but still hoping to catch some good storms before the end of the season.

As always, the majority of our day to day chasing updates are on the Facebook page (which is also linked to the Twitter page).

2014 Chase Season coming soon!

The snow is melting, and soon it will be time to chase wind! We are getting geared up for what is looking to be an active severe weather season here in the upper midwest. There will be a test run conducted with all of the equipment in the next week or 2, once I get some of the streaming issues worked out. There were many changes over the winter with our streaming provider, and there are many issues to work out on our setup. If all else fails, we’ll either not stream live, or will use alternate streaming services to get by.

Still looking at adding a mini-mesodome camera system to the roof of the chase truck this season, but that likely won’t be for another month or so.

Stay tuned for updates as this 2014 chase season gets underway!

A quick note on updates….

Just a quick note on updates. While the Live Tracker/Video feed are on this site, most of the up to the minute chase updates are posted to the Facebook Page and Twitter Feed. See links in the upper right.

The season 2013

Well, as you may have noticed, it was a mostly non-existent chase season up here in Minnesota. We are now a week into October, and the season is likely over. The tornado count was down significantly this year, and not just in Minnesota.

Due to the low number of chase opportunities this summer, I am so chase deprived that I am considering chasing winter storms this winter!

New equipment will be added for next season, including a Mini-Mesodome camera system to improve the live stream.

I will be at ChaserCon 2014 Denver in February, as well as the Minnesota Storm Chasing Convention in Jan/Feb.

Long Winter

The long winter is over, and spring is FINALLY showing itself. There has been nothing to chase up here yet this year. We’re ready to go though. Bring it!